Undated Weekly Ponderlily Planner, Warm Grey


Why wait until a new year to embrace a fresh start?

The undated Ponderlily planner empowers you to take control of your time, chart your goals and prompts you to schedule self-care—starting today.

As with each item in Ponderlily’s planner collection, the undated planner is crafted from eco-conscious materials, designed with elegance in mind and inspired by a well-rounded life.

It offers everything you need, whether you are in a boardroom meeting, grocery shopping, volunteering at your kids’ school, or in your favourite place for dreaming big dreams.

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Ponderlily Planners and Journals promotes intentional living through beautifully-designed, eco-friendly planners and paper goods.

For busy women seeking to find joy, purpose and empowerment in their daily to-do’s and decisions.