My last news post was in September 2019…. I am the first person to give out when a blog isn’t updated so apologies!

OK, so what’s been happening since then….

At the beginning of 2020 I had list of things I wanted to achieve.

They included:

1. Invest in new larger bronze letter type (10mm Times New Roman to be precise)
2. Design and produce a range of Notebooks for Personalisation (A3 size)
3. Design and produce a Weekly Planner Pad
4. Participate in the 2020 Thrive Festival Marketplace

These were all major goals for me for several reasons. One, it was going to cost a lot of money, I needed to be sure it was worth it. Two, it was time to evolve the business and three I needed to put myself out there more and curate the business to specialise more in personalised stationery.

By February I had achieved all of this (thanks to a successful Christmas and amazing customers) then Covid 19 arrived. It’s been a bit of whirlwind and like a lot of people I have been up and down. Working from home with two small kids here all the time is challenging….However, looking at all the positives, I was a guest on the Let’s Talk Shop Podcast with Therese from the Small Business Collaborative and I now have my first stockist the amazing Sustainablitily Store Reuzi. YAY!

So what’s next….? I am hoping to expand the Fold & Seal range of stationery and with restrictions easing somewhat I really hope to be back out at markets over the Summer.

Stay safe and stay well everyone and thank you for reading – I promise to update more regularly….
Laura xx